Golf Instruction

Lessons are a great way to improve your golf game and our staff of PGA & LPGA teaching professionals are here to help you take your game to the next level. Whether you are an experienced golfer, novice or total beginner, our team is here to help you reach your goals and make sure you have fun while you are improving. For more information on our adult and junior packages and programs, contact us today on line or by phone: 760-721-4700

Meet our Award Winning Instructors

image001 (1)Don Gatch – PGA

Don Gatch has been a PGA Professional since 2000 and has held positions of General Manager, Golf Professional and Instructor at some of the world’s top private and resort golf courses, including Kiawah Island Resort, Landmark Golf Club, La Quinta Resort & Club. Don is currently a co-owner of Emerald Isle Golf Course.

Don has a passion for coaching people, and is especially passionate about making sure his students have the proper equipment. “I believe Clubfitting is an important component of our responsibility to grow the game. When players have properly fit clubs, they enjoy the game more, thus staying in the game longer, playing more rounds, and their overall visits to golf facilities increases. Players tend to practice more often, lower their handicap, increase their enjoyment of the game, and bring new players to the game.”

Don has been recognized by his professional peers as the 2014 Club Fitter of the Year for the San Diego Chapter of the PGA, and most recently was recognized as the 2015 Clubfitter of the Year for the Southern California PGA.

To schedule a private coaching session or club or swing evaluation with Don, please contact the Golf Shop at 760-721-4700 or email Don at>

Lesson Rates:
½-hour Private Lesson: $60
1-hour Private Lesson: $110
Series of 6 Private Lesson: $300 Best Value!
Your first lesson with Don will include a swing and equipment assessment. Together, you and Don will create the coaching plan that is right for you!

image005Mug Ogg – LPGA

Teaching Professional
Do you struggle taking your game from the practice range to the course? Mug uses a coaching approach to whole game improvement and believes that instruction on the course is integral to becoming a better player.

Emerald Isle’s grass range and easy access to the course provide an excellent learning environment for any golfer, and Mug makes full use of it all in her teaching. Most of all, rather than “fix you,” Mug is here to work with you and get you practicing well so you can take your game to the course and be successful!

Mug teaches all levels of golfers, and especially enjoys working with beginners, seniors, and women. Nothing makes her happier than seeing beginners hit those first great shots that bring about smiles brimming with excitement and surprise. Mug believes that all you need to play golf is a desire to learn and a belief that anything is possible.

Mug teaches Emerald Isle’s Shamrock Clinics, on-course Instruction, the popular Women, Wine & Wedges clinics, and offers private individual and group instruction. Mug recently became a Certified “Yoga for Golfers” Instructor and is now offering Golf for Yoga classes. “As a golf professional, I see the importance of yoga for golfers. Yoga was my physical therapy after a car accident and has allowed me to play golf pain free. Yoga allows you to work on body symmetry, balance, and strength. I am a full believer in how yoga can help your golf game and life in general.”

Play better, Play longer, Play stronger: “To create power and speed in your golf wing, you need flexibility, strength and balance, all which you get from yoga.” Katherine Roberts, founder, Yoga for Golfers.

For private individual or group instruction, contact Mug directly here or call (760) 207-3866. Mug Ogg has taught golf professionally for the last 25 years. She is a Class A Member of the LPGA and was the 2013 LPGA Western Section Professional of the Year.

Lesson Rates:
½ hour Private Lesson: $50
1-hour Private Lesson: $90
Series of 6 (45 min) Lesson: $300 Best Value!
Yoga for Golfers Instruction: $90/hour


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Practice Pass Program

Enjoy hitting balls off of grass instead of mats? You’ve come to the right place! Enjoy substantial savings by joining our Practice Pass Program.   

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